An Investment of Love

SOL Montessori Academy wants every child to feel special, excel at their own pace and get the individual attention they deserve.  Due to the time, effort, care and love associated with this goal, enrollment is limited!

20-21 Academic Year

Multi-Age Learning PODS:

Senior Elementary:           $14,400.00 per year

Junior Elementary:            $14,400.00 per year

Casa (3-6Yrs Old):             $14,400.00 per year


Application Fee:                $0.00

Registration Fee:               $0.00


Activity Fee:       $500.00 per year

Payment Options:

One Payment Plan:

  • No Convenience Fee for Payment via Debit, Credit, Check or Cash

Monthly Payment Plan:

  • 20% Deposit Required at Contract Return

  • Requires Enrollment in Automatic Payment via SOL/CuraCubby Parent Portal

  • Convenience Fee for Debit & Credit Card Payments.


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