Multi-Age Learning PODs

So how do the Learning PODs work?  Here's our secret and the reason SOL Montessori is growing so fast.  

The PODs have been devised to achieve two primary objectives for our families and their children while returning our children to a stable and productive classroom environment.

1) Deliver the most ideal Montessori classroom & learning environment possible.  Complete with highly experienced & trained Guides utilizing the Montessori method, Montessori materials, and a prepared Montessori environment.

2) Offer our POD families a classroom option that significantly limits the exposure that their children and family will experience while not inhibiting and curtailing the social and physical interactions with other and the environment that is so critical to child development.

POD Exposure & Risks:

Anytime you put children together, you can be sure that a couple of things will happen.......they will interact and they will share.  Regardless of the policies or procedures that a school or classroom implements, these things will still happen to some extent.

To address this, we seek to simply avoid it as much as possible.  With Multi-Age Learning PODs we seek to regulate exposure to a limited number of families, typically 4 to 7 families per POD.  Additionally, each Guide is assigned to a single Learning POD, further reducing exposure introduced into the POD community.  Through this method, each Learning POD becomes their own small socially distanced community.  

Although strict sanitation & cleaning policies are in place, the need for highly restrictive and unrealistic social distancing policies within the POD are greatly reduced.  This allows our kids to experience a genuine Montessori classroom experience that is not overshadowed by overly complex and impractical social distancing policies that prevent our kiddos from gaining the crucially important social and environmental activity that they need.

More Facts about our Multi-Age Learning PODs:

Parent Choice:

  • PODs stands for Parent Organized Day School.

  • Each POD is Parent Organized and supported by the POD Parent

  • Because the PODs are Parent Organized, each POD can encompass unique schedules, activities, and experiences based upon the consensus of the families in each POD.  For Example, PODs Independently decide:

    • when school starts and finishes

    • attendance schedules

    • COVID related issues

    • Field Trips & Excursions

Montessori Materials​:

  • Each POD will have a full offering of Montessori Materials, Content & Curriculum provided by SOL Montessori.

  • Throughout the year and based upon individual student needs, curriculum and materials can be sanitized and rotated from POD to POD to keep the classroom new, exciting, and entice experimentation and exploration.

Guides & Curriculum:

  • Each POD is provided with a SOL Montessori employed dedicated Montessori trained and credentialed Guide.

  • Guides are experienced in the management of Multi-Age classrooms and creating a conducive environment that allows children of different ages to simultaneously learn and progress at their own pace with curriculum tailored to their individual needs.

Families & Siblings:

  • To further reduce exposure, a Learning POD utilizes Montessori Multi-Age Classroom Principles.  This allows all siblings to attend the same POD, therefore, reducing a POD of 10 kiddos to the exposure of only 4-7 families.

How are Children Registered for School?

  • Seeds of Life Montessori Academy is not a registered private school with the State of Florida, but rather an Educational Support Organization. 

  • All SOL Montessori students and registered with the respective countries as Home Schoolers.  Although SOL Montessori assists parents with all aspects of the process, the parent is ultimately responsible for their child's education.

    • The SOL Montessori PODs allow homeschooling families with similar desires and feelings about education, to group together and utilize the resources and curriculum provided SOL Montessori.​

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