Application & Enrollment Process

We're excited you're interested in our program!

A Classroom Lecture

Step 1

Let's Talk.....

A Montessori education is a personal experience.....and that's how we like to start our relationship.  Just click the link below and let us know how to contact you!

Step 2

Get to Know the SOL Community

Community is an integral part of the Montessori experience!  It's also a great way to learn more about SOL Academy.  Once we've had our initial conversation, we can connect you with ambassador families that will share more about SOL Academy, our Community and what you can expect from being a part of our family.  

Step 3

Try it out!

The SOL Montessori Program is based on Distance its easy and quick to try it out and let your kiddo see for themselves. 
We can start with a one on one distance lesson with you kiddo.......lets schedule some time!

Step 4

Is a Learning POD right for you?  Lets find out.......we'll arrange a call or zoom with our POD coordinator so see what's the best fit for you.  

Learning PODS are a unique and special way to blend a traditional Montessori experience with Distance Learning all while reducing and limiting the risks associated with large classroom and school environments.

Step 5

It's Time to Apply

Don't stop now......if you're still interested, go ahead and apply and make sure we hold a spot for your kiddo!

Application Fee:  For a limited's ZERO, all we need is a couple of minutes of your time to complete the application and we'll keep things moving.

Step 6

Acceptance and Matriculation

This is the fun part.......we're planting the Seed for your kiddo's future!  

You can expect:

  • Full access to the Parent Portal 

  • Invitation to your kiddo's Google Classroom

  • Welcome Call with your kiddo's Teacher to get your scheduled

  • If your kiddo is taking part in a Lerarning POD, you'll be contacted by the POD Coordinator to share all the important information.

  • Don't forget uniforms.......we don't require them but they may make mornings a little easier and.....they sure do look good :)

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