About Us

Our Journey of Growth

Seeds of Life Montessori Academy has been the passion of Maria Eva Chaffin, long before SOL had a name or the seed was planted.  Originally from Venezuela, Maria Eva found her passion for education and those with special needs at an early age.  She soon founded and operated a private school for children with Special Needs in Caracas Venezuela. Since moving to Florida in 2009, she has taken one important step after another to build and create the right foundation from which SOL Montessori was grown.  From her many years of Montessori experience and AMS Montessori Credential and completing 2 Master's degrees in Education & and now conducting her Doctoral Research on Montessori and Autism, to co-authoring a recently published book, Montessori Inclusion, Maria Eva brings her excitement, education, experience and research to the table to deliver a special and innovative culture of inclusive and bilingual Montessori learning.

Maria Eva believes that organizational culture and talent are the two most important aspects of delivering a successful Montessori experience.  To achieve this, she has assembled a core team of individuals that together represent the very highest standard of experience and passion for Montessori and those that they serve.  Click here to learn more about our staff and come back often as we are growing quickly as more families discover the secret of Seeds of Life Montessori Academy. 

Our Mission

To offer an inclusive, bilingual environment that plants the seeds of a life-long passion for learning, relationships, diversity, independence, mental and physical health, and love.

Our Vision

To foster a loving community built from authentic Montessori principles that enable the growth of our children into tomorrow’s leaders that impact the world and those around them in a positive manner by defining and achieving their own definition of success, happiness, and love.

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