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Some Tampa Bay parents pulling kids out of public schools for ‘pandemic pod’ learning

Seeds of Life Montessori Academy

"Of all things love is the most potent"
Dr. Maria Montessori

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At Seeds of Life Montessori Academy, we are committed to delivering Montessori based education focused on three driving principles.  

  • A genuine Montessori education based upon the principles and techniques established by Dr. Maria Montessori

  • An Inclusive Environment for all children that tailors the curriculum to each child's strengths, learning styles, abilities and needs.

  • A Bilingual Immersive Environment that seeks to deliver the Montessori Method in both English and Spanish, including not only written and spoken language skills, but incorporates cultural and geographical studies as well. 

Seeds of Life is writing a new chapter in education by combining a traditional Montessori education and classroom with a blended learning approach that utilizes small Multi-Age Learning PODs or micro-classrooms with distance learning.  This combinations seeks to significantly reduce the risks associated with large traditional classrooms while ensuring access to classroom materials, language immersion, social development and interactive collaborative learning.

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Imagine delivering your child a traditional Montessori Classroom experience while limiting exposure to a single teacher and 4-7 families.  Learn more about SOL's creative and unique model for On-Premise / Micro-Classroom Learning PODS that delivers just that!

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